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Massage Therapy treats the whole person. Through the manipulation of soft tissues (i.e. muscles, ligaments, tendons) the overall health of a person is improved. The touch used in Massage Therapy is purposeful and systematic. Stretching, pressing, kneading and stroking result in increased flexibility in stiff muscles and joints. Massage Therapy improves blood flow and increases lymphatic drainage, which, in turn, facilitates the removal of metabolic by-products. This positive effect on the circulatory system also improves the functioning of the immune system.


Enjoy quality time and the benefits of massage therapy with your loved one, family or friends.


Hot stone massage is a unique massage combining the use of heated basalt stones with Swedish massage techniques. Your therapist will place the stones on specific points along the spine as well as incorporate them into the massage to promote a deep state of relaxation.


This indulgent massage is clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress by combining the power of Swedish deep tissue massage, acupressure, foot reflexology and our new Stress-Fix aroma, which is infused with organic French lavender, lavandin and clary sage.


Your therapist uses massage techniques, meditation and the power of aroma to relieve stress, ease muscular tension, balance energy centres and improve wellness.


A relaxing and therapeutic combo treatment that promotes relief from pain and muscle tension, decreases stress and improves overall wellness. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment for acute and chronic pain through the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body. This stimulates the central nervous system which release endorphins – “nature’s pain killers”. Used to relieve headaches, neck and shoulder pain, soft tissue and joint dysfunction, it also strengthens the body’s immune system and improves wellbeing. In this treatment we enhance its effect by combining it with traditional deep-tissue Swedish massage – performed by our fully accredited Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) – to provide additional relief from muscle tension and stress. This is an optimal treatment for maintaining general health and wellbeing.


This treatment features traditional deep-tissue Swedish massage, performed by fully licensed Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), with the additional benefit of cupping. Cupping is an ancient Chinese alternative medical treatment used for centuries to release stiff and frozen joints, connective tissue and sore muscles through the use of negative pressure and movement. Cups are applied to various locations on the body and air is withdrawn using suction to create negative pressure. This procedure increases circulation to the affected area – helping release rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluid and toxins, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue by increasing blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles. Recommended for injuries and chronic joint and muscle dysfunction.


A holistic massage therapy treatment that combines Swedish massage and Reiki. This rejuvenating treatment combines predictable results of soft tissue manipulation by Swedish massage with a relaxing boost of healing life energy to help restore your energy centers to a state of balance. Your therapist will take some quiet, still moments during this treatment to focus on allowing Reiki to treat you as a whole person – including body, emotions, mind and spirit. Taking a break from a busy schedule to receive Reiki can accelerate and strengthen any healing process – from bruising to chronic illness to mental/emotional imbalance.


Steeped in the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurvedic medicine and Hatha Yoga, Thai massage is a therapeutic treatment that integrates deep stretching, applied pressure and rhythmic motion in a deep tissue massage – to release stressed muscles and joints in the body. It promotes a state of naturally induced relaxation and generates an over-all state of wellbeing.