Honour Your Body

There are so many health benefits to exfoliation.  Add in grapefruit essential oil and the amazing combination heals body and mind!

Why dry exfoliate? //

  • Exfoliation removes dry dead skin allowing your skin to BREATHE
  • Increases circulation which will leave you feeling ENERGIZED
  • DETOXIFIES by helping the body release toxins
  • Stimulates the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM 
  • Feels AMAZING!!!!

Health benefits of Grapefruit essential oil //

  • It’s a natural ANTI-DEPRESSANT
  • Increases FOCUS  and  CLARITY
  • IMMUNITY booster

To honour your body we are offering for a limited time only a rejuvenating 60-minute treatment which includes an invigorating full-body dry exfoliation, followed by an energizing grapefruit aromatherapy massage! All your senses will be awakened to shake off the hibernation of winter! 

For more info, check out our secret menu:


By:  Aleza Zile, RMT
       Intuitive Touch Therapies


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