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“Heartbeats” uniquely designed spa treatments are formulated to relax and uplift, treat specific individual needs and nurture you during this special time.

At Intuitive Touch Therapies we believe that what’s good for mama is good for baby too, so we use only the finest and purest treatment oils that are safest for your skin. The wonderful Prego pillows used in “Heartbeats” properly support our pregnant clients – allowing them to lie comfortably and safely on the abdomen. Alternatively, clients may choose the traditional side lying position for their treatment. For your reassurance, Heartbeats therapists have additional training through the Trimesters Pregnancy Massage program.


Immerse yourself in the calming properties of Ylang Ylang with a luxurious full body massage using Mama Mio massage oil, a combination of jojoba, safflower and sweet almond oil, to help soften skin and diminish stretch marks.  Safe for pregnancy and nursing.  For mamas in their first trimester or those with nut allergies, pure jojoba oil can be used.

60 minutes: $88; 90 minutes: $119


This package combines our luxurious DIVINE MAMA customized full body massage enhanced with pressure points on the hands and feet – the ultimate relaxing Baby Body experience that will leave you truly blissed out!

During your massage, additional specialized techniques work reflexes in the feet and hands – to improve the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids and promote deep relaxation

Beneficial at any stage, BLISSED OUT MAMA is an especially pampering treatment near the end of your pregnancy journey!

90 minutes: $124


This ultimate treatment combo is a trip to Cloud Nine! A luxurious DIVINE MAMA full body massage.

But wait – there’s more: the added benefit of lymphatic drainage massage techniques to relieve swelling of the joints and soft tissue. This is often experienced in later pregnancy due to water retention and reduced circulation, caused by the pressure of a growing uterus on the major blood vessels of the abdomen. Lymphatic drainage flushes out tissue waste carried by the body’s lymph system. Our Mama Mio “Lucky Legs”  cooling gel enhances this amazing treatment.

DREAMY MAMA is the ideal time-out from the hectic pace of your everyday life and is especially recommended for mid and late term moms-to-be. Sweet dreams!

90 minutes: $124


A delightful duo of our luxurious DIVINE MAMA full body massage combined with our signature Mama Mio Facial, using all natural ingredients including a gentle exfoliation,  fighting blemishes and “pregnancy mask” caused by hormonal changes. This amazing facial balances the skin with probiotics, moisturizes with organic Omegas and deep cleanses without stripping.

The complementary pairing of these two popular treatments will leave moms-to-be simply serene and relaxed with a gorgeous glow!

1 hour 45 minutes: $168


Look and feel refreshed in a jiffy with this quick combo: Lower leg wax and a HAPPY MAMA foot scrub and massage treatment!

At Intuitive Touch Therapies we use only the finest natural Azulene Wax to remove body hair – gentle and soothing to the skin – followed by an application of Mama Mio oil to remove residual wax deposits and suffuse the skin with softness.

The HAPPY MAMA treatment begins with a foot exfoliation, using the Mama Mio fine pumice clay, followed by a foot masque and massage, using Mama Mio crème.  The finishing touch is an application of the Mama Mio “Lucky Legs” cooling gel to legs and feet.

Imagine… soft, pretty legs and feet with no toxic polishes or chemicals!

60 minutes: $80


Let your little light shine with this rejuvenating combo of our Mama Mio body polish plus our HAPPY MAMA exfoliation, masque and massage treatment for tired hands and feet. It’s the perfect pick-me-up that will leave you glowing all over!

Both treatments begin with a gentle exfoliating scrub – using Dead Sea Salts – to rejuvenate the skin and enhance overall circulation. Excess skin cells are gently bathed away before an application of our Mama Mia  Oil.

Hands and feet receive extra attention: A masque treatment and relaxing massage.

90 minutes: $133


Indulge yourself with this trio of treatments in one package!

  • Surrender your Bodacious Mama body to our Mama Mio BABY BODY POLISH! This gentle exfoliating scrub with Mama Mio fine pumice clay enhances circulation (that’s good for baby too!) and rejuvenates the skin. Dead cells are gently bathed away, followed by an application of Mama Mio oil.
  • HAPPY MAMA foot scrub is followed by a foot masque application and relaxing, soothing massage. Our Mama Mio oil and special pregnancy massage techniques promise you soft, pretty feet using no polishes or toxic chemicals.
  • BOLD & BEAUTIFUL BIKINI provides the right finishing touch to this trio. Specialized Waxing that gives more than a bikini but less than a Brazilian – to avoid sensitive areas. Gentle, soothing Azulene Wax or equally soothing Rose Hard Wax – it’s your choice!
90 minutes: $168

In Addition…

Add a 30 minute Mama Mio facial to any Heartbeats™ package for only $45!
Prices do NOT include HST